Restaurant & Bars

Restaurant and Bar Reservation

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Come along with associates to be thrilled with our range of delicacies and assorted drinks. We have cosy restaurants and bars in our hotels, and the staffs are always willing to serve you with a smile.

In the restaurants we serve continental dish prepared in-house by professional chefs that understands the secret of gastronomy and good service. Just if you are wondering if you can make a reservation at the restaurant, or have we cater for your event? YES WE CAN. Make an online reservation, call or visit us today.

Our bars are specially designed to cater for the needs of all guests and visitors categories. We have in-house smoker and non-smoker bars at the main and annex hotels. At the Casa De Pedro annex we have sports bar and a bush bar that host live band and events.

Our restaurants and bars have capacities from 20 to over 1000 people, and can be hired for your events.

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